These 3 women are making perfect health and fitness empires

These 3 women are making perfect health and fitness empires

I've been on a mission to clean up my act for the last couple of years. Each year I want to be stronger and healthier than the year before. In the last couple of years I have:

  • quit smoking

  • transitioned to a plant-based diet

  • become a morning person

  • stopped drinking alcohol

  • started doing regular exercise

All these changes came from small and careful decisions over time. I am determined to live a healthier and more productive life! 

There are free resources online that you can play around with until you find the advice that works for you. Shining out in a sea of content are these 3 women with their own health and fitness empires. They are honest, uplifting, beautiful, and business savvy. 

Check out these women that have helped me become a better version of myself.

1. Nutrition Stripped

Mckel Hill runs a cool blog full of healthy living inspiration. She's where I go to when I need ideas and tips for eating right and learning more about my food.  

I first found out about her blog when I was googling "how to open young coconuts". Turns out you need a massive butcher's knife and some gumption. It's pretty easy and when I was in Vietnam I enjoyed fresh coconut water every day

Try her world-famous turmeric milk recipe.

Her real and honest advice is easy to trust because she's a nutritionist in real life. The photos in the blog are stunning and she has a wide variety of posts. She writes how-to guides for the most daunting of healthy living trends. I like her thoughtful posts on meditation and mindfulness.

Her cookbook came out late 2016 and it's inspiring me to fire up the blender. Soon I'm going to be one of those people who knows how to cook quinoa without having to look it up!


2. Boho Beautiful

Juliana Semenova runs Boho Beautiful. Hers is the most underground channel on this list. On her YouTube channel, she has workouts, yoga, meditation, and inspirational videos. She likes to film her videos in exotic locales like the Tropic of Cancer Beach in Exuma, Poltava in the Ukraine, and SΓ‘mara in Costa Rica. Built in travel inspiration? Yes please! 

Her life pre-Boho Beautiful is pretty interesting! Juliana is an ex-gymnast who had to quit because of an injury.  She danced for film and television and was even in an all-girl pop group! Now she is a personal trainer and fitness coach. 

I love that she’s vegan and promotes mindfulness in her videos. Her videos are fun to follow and watch.  As she's a former gymnast, she can get deep into yoga poses and it makes me hopeful that I'll be there too one day.

3. Blogilates

I missed going to ballet classes when I first moved to Vietnam. I followed some old-school ballet and barre classes on YouTube to get some exercise. It felt great to put my leather ballet shoes back on and dance around! I was looking around for more videos when I found a ballet inspired workout by Blogilates.

I looked at her other videos and discovered that she has an empire of her own. She has a massive following on YouTube, clothing lines, books, and DVDS. Her POP Pilates class is available at 24-hour fitness in the United States.

This first ballet video got my heart racing without me caring or slacking at all because I was having so much fun. I first watched it in October 2015. I was falling all over the place trying to get my balance! Now when I workout with the video I’m way more coordinated than I was back then. 

She builds work out calendars each month that you can follow along on YouTube. Each day targets a different body part like arms or abs so that you never plateau! The calendar recommends 5 videos that you can find as a playlist on her channel. This is perfect for anyone interested in pilates, yoga, dance, or cardio.

Cassey is bright and encouraging in all her workouts. She has a dizzying variety of videos so it's hard to get bored working out with her. Check out her blog for posts that will help you reach your potential in every aspect! She has a holistic view of healthy and fitness and knows that it's not all about the bikini bod. It's about a life well lived! Doing pilates regularly has given me better posture and crazy core strength that I've never had before! I can do push-ups now. I'm pretty buff. It's all thanks to Cassey! Blogilates is 100% inspiration.

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