18 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Vancouver

18 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Vancouver

It’s no secret that Vancouver is fast becoming a plant-based food haven. From greasy comfort food to haute veg cuisine, Vancouver has it all.

Here are some of the best local gems serving up delicious vegan-friendly dishes that everyone will enjoy...


1. Kokomo

Photo Credit: Kokomo

Photo Credit: Kokomo

Hidden in Chinatown and now Kits, Kokomo is a trendy spot with an ever-evolving menu inspired by the sun. If you’re going for lunch, try the Golden Laksa Noodles for a vegan version of the popular turmeric-scented Malaysian dish. Make sure to save room for vegan soft serve.

611 Gore Avenue and 2028 Vine Street


2. The Acorn

Photo Credit:  Instagram/The Acorn

Photo Credit: Instagram/The Acorn

If you haven’t checked out The Acorn yet, then you’re seriously missing out! The place is worth all the hype. The Acorn an award-winning vegetarian restaurant with artful dishes that will satisfy and introduce you to veggies you've never even heard of before! Their seasonal menu features fresh, local vegetables and plenty of vegan options.

3995 Main Street, Vancouver

3. Chickpea

Photo Credit:  Instagram/Chickpea

Photo Credit: Instagram/Chickpea

Chickpea sprouted into a brick-and-mortar restaurant because of the success of their food truck. Each dish is fresh, filling, and flavourful. Their massive Mediterranean-inspired menu has no meat whatsoever. You'll find the best chickpea fries in town here!

4298 Main Street, Vancouver

4. Heirloom

Photo Credit:  Instagram/Heirloom

Photo Credit: Instagram/Heirloom

Beautiful vegetarian restaurant Heirloom makes magic with veggies. Most of the items on their menu can be vegan-friendly. Don’t miss out on their take on faux butter chicken made with tandoori jackfruit.

1509 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver

5. Chau Veggie

Photo Credit:  Facebook/Chau Veggie

Photo Credit: Facebook/Chau Veggie

You will not be able to stop eating a bowl of vegan pho once you start at Chau Veggie. They serve up fresh vegan Vietnamese dishes at the Granville Island Market and at their Victoria Drive location. If you can, save room for an exquisite dessert like vegan creme caramel.

5052 Victoria Drive, Vancouver and 1689 Johnston Street (Granville Island), Vancouver

6. Farmer’s Apprentice

Photo Credit:  Farmer's Apprentice

Photo Credit: Farmer's Apprentice

Consistently one of the best places to eat in Vancouver, the geniuses at Farmer’s Apprentice can do no wrong at their farm-to-table restaurant. Their menu is filled with gorgeous plates of local, organic and sustainable produce and they can accommodate vegans.

1535 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver

7. Virtuous Pie

Photo Credit:  Instagram/Virtuous Pie

No matter your dietary restrictions—everyone loves pizza. Virtuous Pie is a hip vegan pizzeria serving up guilt-free pies that will satisfy your cravings. Try the spicy “Stranger Wings” pizza and order one for your friend because you won’t want to share.

583 Main Street, Vancouver

8. ShizenYa

Photo Credit:  Instagram/Shizen-Ya

Photo Credit: Instagram/Shizen-Ya

Organic sprouted brown whole grain rice comes standard at ShizenYa. Their menu has plentiful vegan options. Try the whole-wheat tempura and an order of the scratch made spinach curry. Throw in a buttery avocado roll and you have a true Japanese vegan feast.

965 Hornby Street, Vancouver and 1102 West Broadway, Vancouver



9. Nuba

Photo Credit:  Instagram/Nubatown

Photo Credit: Instagram/Nubatown

Every self-respecting Vancouver foodie loves Najib’s Special Crispy Cauliflower at Nuba. Their multiple locations put out delicious Lebanese dishes and many of them are vegan.

Various Locations in Vancouver

10. MeeT

Photo Credit:  Facebook/Meetonmain

Photo Credit: Facebook/Meetonmain

One of the most-loved vegetarian spots in the city, MeeT serves up crazy vegetarian and vegan burgers, fries, poutines, and mac n’ cheese. Go for the fun atmosphere and indulge in the fattening side of veganism.

Various Locations in Vancouver

11. What’s Up? Hot Dog!

Photo Credit:  Instagram/Whats up

Photo Credit: Instagram/Whats up

This hot dog joint in the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood has vegan wing night every Wednesday! The laid-back, New York punk atmosphere is conducive to tucking into veggie dogs, burgers, and wings with friends.

2481 East Hastings Street, Vancouver

12. Eternal Abundance Organic Market & Cafe

It’s not hard to find vegan food on the drive, but it doesn’t get any healthier or fresher than at Eternal Abundance. Pick up some groceries for the week while you tuck into healthful and healing meals like raw veggie burgers and tofu scrambles. Their cafe serves a great house chai tea latte, too.

1025 Commercial Drive, Vancouver




13. Cartems

Photo Credit:  Instagram/Cartems

Photo Credit: Instagram/Cartems

The doughnut-makers at Cartems give vegans and their gluten-free friends something to get excited about! None of their alternative doughnuts are lacking in flavour, texture, or decadence. Try the deliciously doughy Chocolate Glaze. If you have a more refined doughnut palate, order the vegan Earl Grey or Salted Caramel.

Various locations in Vancouver

14. Tractor

Photo Credit:  Instagram/Tractor

Photo Credit: Instagram/Tractor

New Tractor locations seem to be popping up everywhere! We’re not complaining because it’s one of our favourite places to grab a healthy lunch. With a selection of salads, sandwiches, soups and stews, vegans will find plenty to keep them happy.

Various Locations in Vancouver

15. Bandidas Taquería

Photo Credit :  Bandidas Taquería

Photo CreditBandidas Taquería

Craving Mexican food? Bandidas Taquería has a roving food truck in addition to their Commercial drive restaurant. The food is all vegetarian and every dish can be modified for vegans. They offer huge portions of burritos, tacos and more! Order their lime margarita and split an order of nachos with a friend for a fun way to kick off your weekend.

2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

16. East is East

Photo Credit:  Facebook/East is East

Photo Credit: Facebook/East is East

With a menu inspired by the Silk and Spice road, East is East is the most enchanting restaurant on our list. Vegans will find sumptuous Afghan, Indian, and Persian dishes on the Chai Feast menu. Their spicy house chai teas are a warm comfort in the cold and wet months! Visit their Main Street location for live music in the evenings and enjoy your culinary travels.

4433 Main Street, Vancouver and 3243 West Broadway, Vancouver

17. Harvest

The noodle menu at Harvest is a local treasure in Chinatown. Your food is made right in front of you in their bright, open kitchen, giving the place a community vibe. Order the rice noodles with hazelnut, smoked chili, and greens.

243 Union Street, Vancouver

18. The Black Lodge

Photo Credit: Instagram/ The Black Lodge

Photo Credit: Instagram/The Black Lodge

For a cozy Pacific Northwest cabin setting, look no further than this Twin Peaks inspired vegetarian restaurant. You don’t have to be a fan of the wild David Lynch show to appreciate their vegan pulled pork sliders or a slice of cherry pie.

630 Kingsway, Vancouver and 317 East Broadway, Vancouver

Merry Kiss-mas

Merry Kiss-mas

Unlikely Vegetarian Restaurant Owner Inspires change at Heirloom in Vancouver

Unlikely Vegetarian Restaurant Owner Inspires change at Heirloom in Vancouver