The Most Powerful Tarot Spread Ever

The Most Powerful Tarot Spread Ever

I came across the most amazing tarot spread today on Pinterest and I instantly knew that I had to try it right away! As a Tarot Card reader, I love doing three-card spreads for myself and clients because I find that it’s the perfect amount of cards to tap into your subconscious and to start inspiring thoughts and creative solutions. Here’s what the most powerful tarot spread ever looks like:

Card #1 — Embrace
Card #2 — Erase
Card #3 — Face

I loved how these three words rhyme so it’s really easy to remember them all and to keep track of which card means what! Card #1 shows you something you need to ‘embrace’. It calls on you to invite the energy of the card into your life and make room! Card #2 is something you need to let go of. The word ‘erase’ is so final. This #2 card is something that’s holding you back and you need to deprogram to rid yourself of that unconscious habit or thought. Card #3 is ‘face’ and it’s so, so powerful. This card asks you to own up to its energy in your life. Acknowledgement can be the first, powerful step towards growth.

Are you excited to get reading? I pulled three cards for myself and reflected on their messages. Here’s an example of how you can do the most powerful tarot card spread ever and get potent messages from yourself to change your life ASAP. I used my Wild Unknown Tarot deck for this reading and it still smells like the palo santo that I use to clean it :) Here’s what I pulled and I’ll break it all down below:

Card #1 — Embrace — Son of Wands
Card #2 — Erase — Daughter of Pentacles
Card #3 — Face — Daughter of Wands

Son of Wands

Card #1 — Embrace

tarot 4.jpg

This card shows the energy that I need to embody in my life. I need to bring this aspect of myself closer, revere it more and let it shine. It’s pretty remarkable to pull both the Son AND Daughter of wands in a reading.

The suit of wands is the youngest suit and is ruled by the element of fire. This is where our passions, desires, creativity and charisma come into play. The Son of Wands brings his suit out into the world.

This reading is calling on me to embrace the energy of the Son of Wands. He’s a trailblazer and a fire starter and I should embrace the wildfire of this card. This youthful, extroverted and creative energy is boundless. For me, this card resonates because I feel it calling on me to not be afraid of being charming. To not be afraid of being the centre of attention and to embrace the fact that others are drawn to me.

The flipside of this card is that he can be hard to know because he doesn’t know himself as much as he’d like others to believe. So that’s the grain of salt to take with this—know who you are but step out into the spotlight and embrace your natural magnetism.

tarot 3.jpg

Daughter of Pentacles

Card #2 — Erase

Erase is such a strong word. It is changing who you are, stripping yourself and ridding yourself of that layer forever. I pulled the Daughter of Pentacles as something that needs to be ‘erased’. What could that mean?

I feel like it’s calling on me to let go of my beliefs that I am like the Daughter of Pentacles who is naive and doesn’t yet have the skills to make it in the ‘real world’. It’s asking me to be more confident in my skills, my ability to earn money and my home. The Daughter of Pentacles is also shy. In many ways, she’s the opposite of the Son of Wands. Both of them in this reading are calling me to step out, to be seen and to own what I have to offer.

tarot 2.jpg

Daughter of Wands

Card #3 — Face

What is something that I need to face? Something that I need to come to terms with? I have found my answer in the Daughter of Wands card.

She is a creatrix. She needs space AND she needs a supportive environment so she can develop her gifts. She’s transforming herself and the world around her. She thirsts to prove herself.

This card reminds me that I’m undergoing my own spiritual awakening process. It reminds me to be quick to say ‘yes’ to new adventures and unafraid of discomfort. That said, the Daughter of Wands card is often so green that she has difficulty saying ‘no,’ she takes on more than she can handle and she can get overburdened quite easily.

I need to face the fact that I have made blunders with my own boundaries in my life. I have had no boundaries or not enforced my boundaries clearly. It’s time to own up to the fact that I’m new and growing and I still have lots to learn.

How to make sense of this tarot reading

tarot 1.jpg

This was a very powerful and meaningful reading for me. I was so excited to try the ‘Embrace, Erase and Face’ style three-card draw and I was really surprised to see three court-cards pulled. The Son of Wands is an aspect of myself that I am proud of. I think that I have his natural magnetism and creativity and I, too, don’t know myself yet. I loved this reminder of my strengths and where I can grow.

I liked the invitation to let go or erase my fears around the aspect of myself that embodies the Daughter of Pentacles. I think that it’s empowering to believe that I could be good with money. Finally, the Daughter of Wands is just such an intriguing card to get in a reading with her brother, the Son of Wands. This pair is showing me that as long as I don’t forget myself and I have strong boundaries that there’s no limit to what I can achieve in my creative life!

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