Easy Two Card Tarot Reading Spreads

Easy Two Card Tarot Reading Spreads

When you think of a traditional tarot card reading, you might be picturing the Celtic Cross formation. This is a standard tarot card spread that readers and mystics use around the world! It’s a ten card spread that dives deep into your inner world, external forces and your past/present/future.

The Celtic Cross can be really intimidating if you’re just getting used to tarot cards and learning how to use them intuitively! While the Celtic cross is valuable and worth investing the time and energy to learn, it’s no silver bullet. The Celtic cross spread and other spreads that require many cards can be intimidating and not that helpful for tarot newbies.

Two card tarot card readings are amazing for guidance on decision making and for helping to answer life’s big questions. This is especially true if you’re new to tarot or just getting started with a new deck. I created three really easy to follow tarot card spreads for you to use that require pulling just two cards.

Spread #1 The Yes/No Spread

You can use this spread to get clarity into a situation. Card #1 is ‘yes’ and card #2 is ‘no’. This spread is great at looking at the reasons why you should or shouldn’t do something and will work for almost any “yes or no” question that you really want to think about. Should I move to a new city? Should I take that new job? This reading will illuminate the two sides or two options to this.

Spread #2 The If/Then Spread

I love this spread for dispelling anxiety. It’s a simple if/then statement, If card #1 then card #2. It’s a good way to easily work out the fears that hold you back. It also offers an easy way to tackle a big problem, giving you guidance on more vague aspects of life.

Spread #3 The In/Out Spread

This spread is more “general” and maybe even esoteric! Card #1 shows you what you need to invite into your life and card #2 shows you what you need to cast out of your life. I love this reading because it’s so easy to grasp and it always tells you exactly what you need to hear.

Let’s take a look at examples of these spreads, what kinds of questions they can use to see what it looks like in practice! I use The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck for these and most of my intuitive tarot readings because it’s simple, powerful and beautiful.

Two Card Yes/No Tarot Spread

Spread #1

Question: Should I do this project I’ve been thinking about lately?

Card #1 Yes — 9 of Cups

Card #2 No — 6 of Swords

I asked should I do a specific, timely writing project and looked at what it might look like if I said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to that project.

Yes = this card is about being open and receptive and finding bliss. There might be a lot of waiting involved in the project and it’s not fully developed yet. It might even mean that I’ll have to work with others and invite their input into the project. It will work if there’s some outside source either someone to collaborate with or take inspiration from.

No = If I say ‘no’ to doing this project, then I leave behind all the work I did. I would be throwing down my sword. Walking away and refusing to continue in a struggle is powerful! All the fighting will be done and I’ll be moving towards something brighter.

Either way, yes or no, there’s harmony in the future. It looks like if I say yes to the project then I’ll have to be patient and ask for help, and if I say no then I’m leaving behind a whole idea and walking away from struggle towards something else.

Two Card If/Then Tarot Spread

Spread #2

Question: How do I move forward with my career?

Card #1 If — Two of Pentacles

Card #2 Then — The World

So my focus for this reading was on work life and career, and this is a good reading to get for a career reading! Card #1 is the Two of Pentacles is a card of balance, duality, sharing and equality. The two pentacles represent dual aspects of my life and personality. It’s calling on me to balance my creative side with my logical side so we can get into a flow state. It invites me to look at the ways that I find balance in my life.

Card #2 is The World card and to me, it’s one of the most positive cards in the deck. It’s also the final card of the deck. It signifies completion and the ending phases of something. It’s kind of like being on vacation almost—responsibilities fade away and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. If I can focus my energy on reaching the Two of Pentacles, then I’ll be on my way to new things. When I enter the new stage, I’m basically setting myself up for success. It’s an invitation to pick up the pen, write my own story and be more conscious of creating this new stage in my career. '

Two Card In/Out Tarot Spread

Question: I thought about “Creativity” when I did this reading. What do I need to do to bring IN more creativity to my life? What do I need to throw OUT to make room for more creativity in my life?

Card #1 In — Five of Swords

Card #2 Out — Ten of Wands

Card #1 is the Five of Swords. To me, the swords are the most powerful suit in the deck and this is not an easy card to face. Swords have two aspects to them; they can cut through to the truth but they can also cut us deeply. This card is a warning to use logic gently to make room for creativity in your life. It’s saying that if you don’t then you’re going to end up hurting yourself with self-limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, low self-esteem and that’s not where creativity thrives.

Card #2, the ‘Out’ card, is the Ten of Wands. It’s a card of getting out of your own way! I see each wand as an idea, thought or belief—something we are directing our energy into creatively.

This card calls on us to reflect on where we are spreading ourselves too thin, getting lost in obligations and being held back. Where are you stuck in your life? So, to bring in more creativity, cast out what holds you back.

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