Tarot Reading To Raise Your Vibration

Tarot Reading To Raise Your Vibration

I love turning to the cards for a hit of inspiration and guidance. They really help me to feel happy, aligned and they let me reflect on those deeper thoughts and emotions going on beneath the surface that don’t get to pop their head up during my busy days. Most days, I’m using my Wild Unknown Tarot Deck but you can do this with any deck you like!

Today, I’ll show you a quick reading that will help raise your vibration. This is the perfect reading to do on a Sunday afternoon to get you excited about the week ahead, no matter what comes your way.

What does it mean to “raise your vibration?”

To me, it means actively shifting your mindset AND your physical body into a state of gratitude, abundance, bliss and positivity. When you feel good, good things happen to you! When you project positivity into the world, you’re met with more opportunities and double the positivity.

When you raise your vibration there is less negativity in your life getting in the way between you and your true self or you and what you really really want.

Imagine eating half a dozen freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Delicious! Yummy, gooey and happy. But about 20 minutes later, you might start to feel sluggish. Gross. Heavy.

Negative thoughts and actions that don’t feel aligned with you are just like those cookies. They will come back to bite you. They might be temporarily numbing or comforting but in the long term they are not serving you and they’re holding you back so, so much. Of course, this is a simplified way to look at negative thoughts and should in no way be used as an excuse to spiritually by-pass any emotional work that needs to be done.

So how do you raise your vibration? Some people raise their vibration by taking a bath, meditating, getting out in nature and spending time connecting to themselves. We’ll do a tarot reading together that you can use to help raise your vibration and get into a good energetic space for the week.

Here’s what the reading looks like :

Raise Your Vibration Tarot Spread

What you’re calling in / what you want

What you’ve already called in / already attracted

The things that light us up / what we live for

I’ll also be pulling 1 card from the Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell to help super-charge the reading!

Five Of Pentacles

five of pentacles.jpg

Represents: What you’re calling in / what you want

The five of pentacles is actually one of those “bad cards” I talked about a couple of weeks ago. A sad, drooping rose cries a single rose-petal tear against a dreary black background. A single string of pentacle pearls hangs above. This is a card of sadness, regret and not having enough. Especially since pentacles are the suit of earth, money and the home, it’s really a “keeping up with the Joneses” kind of card.


One of the things I’ve been working so hard on in my own spiritual journey is getting over a fear of lack, of not having enough and of there being a finite amount of things—money, ideas and space in the world.

Addressing this fear and working around it is a major part of my spiritual practice and has helped amazingly in the way I see and treat other women around me.

In a patriarchal society, we’re taught that there's not enough for everyone and you have to get your while you can. There isn’t room for two women in this meeting. You have to be better than the women that your partner dated before you.

This kind of false-competition mindset is so, so damaging. There’s always someone who has more than you. There’s always someone better than you. There’s always someone prettier than you.

What we all need to work on is being happy with what we have. By admiring our own uniqueness and our strengths and celebrating how far we’ve come. Worrying doesn’t do you any good.

So, in this reading in this space, I think it’s saying that I’m attracting scarcity to me with my scarcity mindset. Thanks for the reminder, tarot cards. Worrying about what other people are doing, worrying about not having enough or not being enough—those are all self-fulfilling prophecies. And I can turn this ship around!

The Fool

the fool.jpg

Represents: What you’ve already called in / already attracted

What have I already attracted to me with my vibrational energy? The answer is the fool! Now, before you go making fun of me, remember that the fool doesn’t always actually mean a foolish person...to me, the fool represents raw, potential energy like the stone at the top of a hill. In the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, it’s represented as a baby bird, too young yet to fly but it’s about to jump.

I have already jumped into the unknown—I am on that journey. Full of optimism, pep and wildly unprepared I’m bursting onto the scene. I think this represents a new stage of life for me and a new willingness to grow. In growth, there’s a lot of “not knowing”. There’s a lot of pain, too. But being uncomfortable is a huge necessary step to anyone committed to their growth and development.

If you get The Fool card in an instance like this, then the message is “you’re already there, you’re already doing it.” There’s nowhere else I have to pack up and head to, there’s nothing else I have to do because I’ve already taken the first step.

Also, this card is telling me that I should be ready to be called a fool. Recently, I talked on Instagram about how I’m dealing with trolls who comment on my posted articles on Narcity. There have been a couple of times now where people have tagged me in their comments with meanness, name calling and harshness. Still, I put myself out there. This is the energy of the fool, they take no advice and they take no shit.

Nine of Pentacles

nine of pentacles.jpg

Represents: The things that light us up / what we live for

I don’t typically draw many pentacles for myself so it’s remarkable that there are so many in my reading. That tells me that I’m focused a lot on my work, my craft, my vocation, my home life and earnings.

The Nine of Pentacles is about having everything you need and desire. It’s about achieving success and being comfortable with what you have in this physical world. It reminds me of my big beautiful couch, my fragrant fresh flowers, my fluffy grey sweater and my beautiful home. If I look around I can see I’ve already “made it” and I even have more than enough to share. I’m in a place of abundance.

This card invites you to enjoy the little luxuries that you’re able to afford, whether it’s as small as a vegan ice cream sandwich or as big as a beach vacation.

If this is what lights me up, then it’s telling me that I’m happy with my successes at work and in my home life. I’ve put so much energy into my work and making my home comfortable for me that it’s time to let these successes feed me energetically.

The Work Your Light Oracle Deck Draw — Dance With Life

dance with life.jpg

Finally, to seal it all and give a little more context to this simple reading, I’ve pulled a card from my new oracle deck. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to work with it more! I’ve pulled the Dance With Life card which gives an overall light-hearted and positive glow to my tarot cards. This card invites a little change or a mix up in your life to clear stagnant energy.

This card could be literally inviting us to get out of our seats and DANCE! And, if you’re not a dancer, do something physical that’s new or challenging. Take a new kind of exercise class, rearrange the furniture in your house, walk home on a counter-intuitive route.

This card gives our reading more context by inviting us to not get stuck in one way of thinking. Maybe the remedy to addressing the sadness in the Five of Pentacles is to shake off our worries and connect with our physical bodies in a new way.

Maybe this Dance With Life card is calling on us to draw on our “foolish” side! Since the fool is the youngest card of the Major Arcana cards (it’s literally #0) it reminds us of babies who aren’t conditioned yet to act a certain way, to hate their bodies or to be self-conscious. They are just themselves honestly and purely. Dancing with life a little will help coax out your inner fool and make you brave!

Finally, I think the dance with life card in the context of the Nine of Pentacles tells us that it’s time for a party and a celebration of ourselves and to welcome the next phases of our life with a ton of zesty and feisty energy!

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