New Moon Tarot Card Reading

New Moon Tarot Card Reading

The New Moon is my favourite time to do a reading for myself. It’s just a perfect punctuation point in our busy lives for a check-in. I’m doing a new moon tarot spread for the Mystic Urbanist community today that will give you some clarity on your goals and wishes for the future.

If the concept of following the phases of the moon or New Moon readings doesn't’ resonate with you, that’s totally fine! I use the lunar phases as a guidepost. They remind me that I’m a cyclical being. I can’t be my fullest, most 100% self turned-on bright all the time! Just like the moon, which only looks to be full a few days of the month, I go through phases. Phases of high energy, low energy, of introversion and extroversion and everything in between.

Instead of a New Moon Reading, you could do a reading at the start of every month for the same kind of recharging and regenerative effect that you get from keeping an eye on the phases of the moon.

The Mystic Urbanist New Moon Tarot Spread is a simple four-card spread. Here’s what it looks like:

2019-07-01 10_50_39.182.jpg
  1. Lessons from the last cycle

  2. Hopes for the next cycle

  3. Fears for the next cycle

  4. Saving grace message for next cycle

Here are the four cards I pulled:

  1. Nine of Pentacles

  2. Three of Cups

  3. Judgement

  4. Ace of Cups

My first impressions of the readings are at that it seems to be really lovely. There are two cup cards in here, so I think that we’re going to be relying on our emotionality and diving into our inner emotional landscape to guide us. Sometimes it feels like our emotions are in the way or hindering us but if we take a beat to stop and appreciate what they’re trying to tell us, then I think that we'll find a lot more peace in the next phase.

Let's get into the reading, starting with our first card, which will represent the lessons from the previous lunar cycle

2019-07-01 10_50_13.390.jpg

Nine Of Pentacles Meaning - The lessons from the last cycle

Last month we were preoccupied with things like money and finances. This card is plush and comfy looking. The Nine of Pentacles looks like it’s almost guarded by a ring of feathers that surrounds them.

We also learned a little bit more about our boundaries in the last month around money, about how to keep it, manifest it and invite it into our lives. Last month, we might have been focused on the practical aspects of what we can do to bring money into our lives and we almost have it down! I think that moving forward in the next couple months we’re going to continue cultivating a healthy relationship with money.

Other than money, the pentacles can represent career, skills and the things that we do to bring in the money. I think this card shows we’ve been trying hard at work to make it successful and that the energy you’ve put into your work is coming back to you.

In the last cycle, we also felt comfortable in our own homes and our personal spaces. We were able to spend some time there and regenerate, and that’s going to continue to serve us moving forward. Remember, you can always go back to your own safe space to recharge.

The Nine of Pentacles is almost the apex of the suit, so it’s also an invitation to appreciate all that you’ve made for yourself. If you have had some type of career change, promotion, or different kind of responsibility at work—enjoy the fruits of your labour.

The feathers on this card look luxurious and glamorous. It could also mean that you got to do a little vacationing or treating yourself to the finer things in life! Sometimes, it’s good to splash out and treat yourself to a manicure and remind yourself that life is not all work and drudgery, you can punctuate even an average day with something wonderful to make it feel special and to raise your vibration.

2019-07-01 10_50_16.973.jpg

Three of Cups Meaning - Hopes for the next cycle

The Three of Cups AKA your squad card is what our hope for the next cycle is! This is what you’re going to want to call into your life moving forward. Draw on those closest friendships right now. Share your stories, your struggles and your wins with those people and support them in any way you can. Reinforcing this close circle of support of friends is vital to your success.

This is not telling you that you should go for drinks with friends or that you should go to parties and go to more events and meet people for dinner. This is about having authentic real-time with people and sober conversation. This is sharing hobbies, interests and things that build you up. This is not about low-key hangouts get-togethers and chit chat. This is about real conversations, authentic, deep steep stuff. This is not about reality TV, shopping or weekend plans.

There’s a time and a place for those kinds of conversations, but your hope for the next cycle and what’s going to raise you up right now are authentic connections. Do you know what your best friend desires in the next five years of their life? Do you know their deepest fears, or what they think is holding them back in life, or how they define success and happiness?

When you share something with your friend, you’re also permitting them to share with you. This is intimacy! And you’ll want to lead by example in the next cycle and demonstrate to them the kind of relationship that you want to have with them. Share something you might think is too secret, intimate, weird or too heavy with your friend and you’ll be surprised at the results. Often, it brings us a lot closer.

Taking a deep dive into our close friendships in the next cycle is going to serve us well in the next cycle. It is important to have a deep conversation, but also having fun with the people you feel a soul-level connection with and spending time by their side sharing laughter, joy and happiness are going to fill your cup in the next cycle.

2019-07-01 10_50_20.450.jpg

Judgement Card Meaning - Fears for the next cycle

What are our fears for the next cycle? These are the things that we have been experiencing that we do not want to take with us into the next cycle. These are the things that we’re struggling with and we want to let go of!

The Judgement card in this reading to me seems very straight forward and it’s about letting go of judgements. Let go of the idea that there’s right and wrong, black and white and just let it go. It's time to be accountable to your judgemental thoughts, self-criticisms and judgments.

It’s ok to have an opinion and it’s ok to have expectations, however when those two things are actively causing us pain then it’s time to rethink those and see if they’re serving us. See if they’re even ours, to begin with, because sometimes our judgements and negative thoughts about ourselves and others come from someplace else. They might come from our parents, from school or social conditioning. It’s time to reevaluate how your judgements of yourself and the world around you are serving you and if they’re helping you or if they’re hindering you.

Once we noticed what those judgments are, then it’s time to exercise mercy, forgiveness and healing on yourself and others. This card is definitely about accountability. It’s time to admit your fears about not living up to the standards you’ve set for yourself in your head and let those fears go. You don’t need them anymore. Thanks, but, there’s the door.

2019-07-01 10_49_47.867.jpg

Ace of Cups - Our saving grace message for next cycle

This is going to be the main message for you looking forward. You’ll want to keep this in mind in the next cycle because at the end of the day this is going to save your butt. The Ace of Cups is about new fresh beginnings. It’s about being full of potential energy and love and being ready to go. The cups are the suit of emotions, so this is a card about being open to new possibilities. It could be romantic possibilities, new friendships or even (because we got the judgement card) about self-love. Be open to the idea that you could love yourself unconditionally

This card to me is also evocative of healing so if there’s something you were thinking of doing relating to healing like booking a massage, a tarot reading, meeting with a coach or therapist or even reconciling with a friend then it’s time to do that.

The biggest takeaways from this reading is that going into the next cycle we are comfortable in our home life, we have enough money and we know how to celebrate that. We’re going to share that celebration with our closest friends and find ways to become closer to them through being open and communicating with them in an authentic and honest way. We are going to let go of our judgements towards ourselves, we’re going to let go of the need to be right or wrong and we’re just going to be. We will need to keep in mind that having an open heart will take us far and being open to the possibility of unconditional self-love and healing will carry us.

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