4 weeks 4 new mindful habits

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This guide, 4 Weeks 4 New Mindful Habits is meant to guide you on your journey to a more engaged and mindful life.

After our 4 week guide, you'll learn

  • tips to help you on your health and wellness journey

  • how to be more kind to yourself and the planet

  • how to live a more authentic life

 Mindfulness can help you cultivate body positivity  and help you manage stress. With a new tip each week, these lifestyle additions will be easy to follow and come with huge benefits.

Live well!

- MU

week 1 eat more vegetables

All diets and lifestyle hacks are about detoxing and eliminating.


It gets hard to avoid that cookie when know you shouldn’t have it! Living in a constant state of deprivation is depressing. Instead, the best thing you can do for your body is to eat more vegetables. Try adding instead of subtracting from life! Try to find a vegetable this week that you aren’t familiar with or tend to shy away from and find an exciting way to cook it up.This week, focus on adding more and more servings of vegetables to your diet. Slowly start building up the amount you eat so that it becomes a lifestyle change.


Vegetables take a lot of time to prepare. Chopping, dicing, and peeling takes up so much time.  Look at this time as an opportunity to take a mindful moment to yourself. Be grateful for this chance to get your hands dirty and thank yourself for taking the time to do something good for your body.


week 2 stretch before bed.png

Now that you’ve got more vegetables in you, I hope you’re feeling pretty good!


This week, your new habit is stretching before you go to sleep. Getting into the habit of stretching before bed is going to help you get to sleep faster and deeper. It’ll also help you build up flexibility!


Stretching before bed is a sneaky way to get mindful. Let your mind clear. Don't worry about the next day, instead focusing on your breath, your stretches, and becoming more supple. This is your chance to destress. Start winding down earlier than usual. You can even wear your pj's and sit on the bed. On your first night, try doing a simple staff pose to stretch out your hamstrings before you go to bed. Try to add a new stretch or position every couple nights until you’ve built up a sizeable routine.


Soon, you’ll be anxious to get to bed so you can do your stretching and you’ll zonk right out to sleep! Here’s my favourite stretching routine, but you’ll find a lot more on pinterest.


week 3 invest in your future

A lot of our anxieties come from thinking about the future.


This week’s mindful habit is to start investing in your future...and I don’t mean contributing to a mutual fund.


Find some time in your week to do an activity that brings you closer to where you see your future self. Create room in your life to work on achieving your deep and profound goals for yourself.


For me, that means taking some time to work on my blog. Putting my energy into myself is a fulfilling way to spend my time. Instead of working for other people all the time, try working for yourself a little bit and see where it takes you.


If you don’t know where to start, try journaling. Try taking a class, be it Spanish, ballet, or first aid. Make room in your life to pursue your passions and do things that bring you closer to who you want to be.


week 4 become more aware


To recap, over the last 3 weeks you’ll have been


  • eating more vegetables
  • stretching before bed
  • finding time to invest in your future


I hope that be now you’re realizing the benefits of a more mindful life.


Our last tip: start to be more aware of the world around you. The easiest way to honour your fellow humans is to be aware of their struggles. Consider it the rent we pay for living on Earth.


If you never read the news, try checking out the headlines of the day. You can use an app like quartz to get started. Don't read the news you see on Twitter or Facebook. Even if the articles are from reputable sources, you are still seeing a biased news offering.


Once you feel like you have a handle on the top world stories, it’s time to seek out new and alternative media sources. It’s ok to read or watch news that you don’t like or don’t agree with. The more different styles you try, the more you’ll find out what kind of reporting you like! For those of you who are already news savvy, try taking this course in news literacy. You might be surprised to learn a few things about how media works.


Thanks for checking out 4 weeks 4 new mindful habits!

I hope you’ll refer back to this guide to find room in your life to be more mindful, healthy, and successful.





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