Tarot Readings For Events In Vancouver


Interested to have a tarot reader at your next event or party? Invite Mystic Urbanist Sarah Anderson to give your guests personalized tarot card readings! We have flexible arrangements for all kinds of events, group sizes and requirements.

Mystic Urbanist Events are only available in Vancouver, B.C. and custom party packages are available. Packages start at $250 for two hours of readings. Contact Mystic Urbanist for more details and to book a tarot reader for your event!

Having a tarot card reader is a unique way to add depth and start a buzz at your event. Even people who donโ€™t know ANYTHING about tarot will have fun and get some powerful insights on everything from their career to their romantic life!

Contact Mystic Urbanist to book your tarot reader for your next event or to inquire about personalized readings.